Book Club Update


In January the Book Club discussed “The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night time” which most of us enjoyed.  It is the story of a young, autistic boy who finds a dead dog and sets out to find out who has killed him.  The author show a really good understanding of autism and the book is by turns funny and sad.




In February the Book Club is reading “Notes from a Small Island”, by Bill Bryson.  Bryson is an American married to an Englishwoman who decides to take a trip around Britain in the early 1980s before moving his family over to America.  This book has led to very mixed feelings.  Some loved his humour, others felt the book was very dated and at times did not like his choice of language.


The book for March is “Lollipop Shoes” by Joanne Harris followed by a very different choice, a detective/thriller in April.  Although, as a group, we choose a book for each month there is no pressure to read the book.  If members do not like the look of a particular novel they can choose another book by the same author or a book of the same type e.g. thriller, historical novel, romance.

The Book Club space for a few more members, if you would like to join just come along on the second Monday of the month at Lutterworth Library, 10:45 am. For more information check out our page here.