Attendance Allowance

What Is Attendance Allowance?

Attendance Allowance is a benefit for people over State Pension Age who need help with personal care or supervision by day or someone to watch over them by night, because of illness or disability. It’s not means tested so it doesn’t matter how much income you have, and it won’t decrease any of your other benefits.

Who is eligible for Attendance Allowance?

You can claim attendance allowance if you meet all these criteria:

· You are over State Pension Age

· You could benefit from personal care or supervision (you don’t have to spend the money on a carer if you don’t want to!)

· You have any type of illness or disability including mental illness

· You have needed help for at least 6 months (if you are terminally ill, you can claim straight away)

What can I use Attendance Allowance for?

You can use attendance allowance to pay for a carer to come in, whether during the day or for supervision at night. You can use it for home help with tasks such as laundry and cooking. You can also buy equipment to help such as stairlifts or bath chairs.

How do I claim Attendance Allowance?

Call into our office at our shop on the High Street and ask for Alison or Lizzie. We can then refer you to Age UK Leicestershire & Rutland who can help you claim if you are eligible.

Attendance Allowance Checklist

Do any of the following apply to you? If so, you might be eligible for Attendance Allowance.

· Washing, bathing and looking after your appearance – Do you need help getting in and out of the bath or shower; adjusting shower controls; shaving; putting on skin cream; washing or drying your hair?

· Going to the toilet – Do you need help adjusting your clothes after using the toilet; using the toilet during the night; changing clothes or bedding if you have an accident?

· Getting dressed or undressed – Do you need help with fastenings, shoelaces and buttons, for example because of arthritis, or with recognising when your clothes are on inside out?

· Mealtimes – Do you need any help eating and drinking? For example, if you have sight loss, do you need someone to tell you where the food is on your plate, or read out menus?

· Help with medical treatment – Do you need help identifying your tablets; reading and understanding instructions about taking medication; managing a condition such as diabetes; recognising whether your condition is deteriorating; adjusting your hearing aid?

· Communicating – Do you need help understanding or hearing people, or being understood by them; answering the phone; reading and writing letters or emails?

· Supervision – Do you need someone to watch over you in case you have a seizure or pass out; lack awareness of danger; get confused, forgetful or disoriented? Could you be a danger to yourself or others, for example by leaving the door unlocked or leaving the gas on? Do you need someone to give you medication or to help calm you during a panic attack?

· Getting around safely – Do you need help navigating stairs; getting up from a chair; getting in and out of bed; moving safely from room to room?