Crime Prevention

Tackling Fraud

Some Hints and Tips to keep you safe:

  • Never give your bank card or PIN to anyone.
  • Never send money or pay fees to claim prizes or lottery winnings.
  • Don’t be afraid to put the phone down to cold callers or to end the call with a brief “No, thank you”.
  • Take your time and don’t be rushed or pressured into a commitment – ask questions or seek a second opinion from someone you trust.
  • Don’t call unfamiliar numbers or reply to unsolicited texts as they may charge premium rates.
  • Never assume an email or phone call is authentic.

Who to Contact

If you’re worried about someone and believe they may be a fraud victim contact Action Fraud at 0300 123 2040. You can also report scams at this number.

Come to the office or give us a call on 01455 557116 for information on how to keep safe.


Keep handbags closed, shield your pin number at cash machines, be wary of distraction theft! LOCK your doors at all times. The police have advised to keep lights and a radio/TV on if you go out in the evenings. Keep all back entrances secure and locked.