Book Club – Reviews

Since we began the book club at the beginning of 2015, we have read a variety of different books.
Not all of them have been to everyone’s taste but each time we have met there has been someone in
the group who has enjoyed the book.

We began with a fairly light-hearted novel called “The Patchwork Marriage” by Jane Green.
Most people enjoyed this novel which explored modern  step families.  We have read a variety of crime/thriller books the latest of which has been “The Racketeer” by John Grisham.

Our last book “Gone Girl” was quite popular with the group once they got used to the format, where the story was told from the point of view of two different people.

This gripping book has been made into a film and has been in the cinema recently. Currently we are reading The Partner By John Grisham and soon we will be reading Gustav Sonata.












We are a small but friendly group of people who enjoy reading but don’t feel under pressure to finish a book if we don’t like it. We enjoy having a chat about books, over a cup of coffee, once a month and welcome new members. If you would like to join us drop into the office at 7 High Street for more information.

The Golden Rules

If you’re suspicious, ignore emails, put down the phone.

Scammers can be very persuasive, so it’s best not to get drawn into talking to them.

If you’re asked to send money, talk it through with a friend or relative.

Never give your pin number to anyone over the phone or email.

No one legitimate will ever ask for it….

Phone Disconnection

You get a call claiming to be from your phone provider, saying your account is in arrears and you need to pay now by card, ot you’ll be disconnected and it will cost you more to get reconnected.

If you’re with another provider the caller may well say that their company ownd the line, or you will have to pay a percentage to them for line rental.

If you protest they’ll offer to prove it by temporarily disconnecting you. The line will seem to go dead, until they call you back, but in fact they’ve simply used the mute button.

Pension Liberation

Watch out for companies claiming they can help you get the money from your pension before you are 55, you will lose over half in tax, and up to a third in fees to them.

They may also encourage you to put the cash into investment schemes that put your money at risk.

DO NOT TRUST any offer to get your pension cash before you are 55, there are no legal loopholes like they say. If you are thinking of taking a large cash sum from your pension, it’s sensible to get independent advice on what to do with it.