2017 AGM

The 2017 Annual General Meeting was held on Wednesday the 20th of September, 2017, at the pavilion on the Recreation Ground, Lutterworth.

Minutes of the 2017 Meeting

1 . Welcome and apologies:  Carol Scholes welcomed everyone to the meeting and introduced herself as Chair and Carole Harrington as Secretary.

Apologies were received from Hilda Butcher, Eileen Rands, Sheila Eggleton, Sandra Orr, Sheila Jones and Mary Poole.

2. 2016 Minutes:  These were adopted, proposed by Helen Potter and seconded by Tony Taylor.

3.Treasurers Report:  Sam Weller presented the report which showed that income exceeded the expenditure for the year and sales figures increased.   Pension contributions for staff are now being made and the premises is now liable for Council Tax.

Tony Taylor was thanked for his work on the accounts.

4. Report by the Board of Trustees:  Carol read through the report and thanked all concerned for their dedicated work for the Charity.

Carol Scholes was elected as Chair, proposed by Sue Smith and seconded by Anne Hicks.

5. Reserves Policy:  This has been calculated at £56,000 to cover a 9 month period.

6. Election of Trustees:  The continuing Trustees are:–

Carol Scholes, Carole Harrington, Cathy McManus, Roger Watmore, Helen Potter, Sam Weller, Inger Parsons, Allan Heggs, and Anne Hicks.  There is one vacancy.

7. Any Other Business:  Sue Smith asked whether Gift Aid could be claimed on donated goods but it was felt that this would be too great a project for the Charity.

David Fuller reminded the meeting about comments made previously by Peter Knight regarding the Charity having to cope with the expansion of the town.  Carol and Alison Anderton stated that bookings for our activities are increasing.  Inger said that demands for information from us will probably increase as the local C.A.B. has closed.

Eve Jackson said that she enjoyed the activities and asked for the Trustees to be introduced by name which was done.

Anne Hicks thanked Carol for all her work as Chair.

Tony Taylor asked for the passing of Tom Edgar to be mentioned in next year’s Trustees’ Report.

Carol closed the meeting, thanking all those who attended including our Mayor Michael Perks.

2017 AGM Report:

The report for the 2017 AGM can be downloaded by clicking the button below.

2017 AGM Report