2018 AGM

The 2018 AGM was held on Wednesday the 19th of September at 12pm.

  1. Chairman’s welcome and any apologies:  Carol Scholes welcomed everyone to the meeting which had a good attendance.  She introduced herself as Chair, Sam Weller as Treasurer and Carole Harrington as Secretary.

Apologies were received from Alison Anderton and Sheila Eggleton.

  1. 2017 Minutes:  These were adopted, proposed by D. Fuller and seconded by S.Wheelwright.

Tony Taylor asked that the passing of Tom Edgar be recorded which happened just before last year’s AGM. He was a co-owner of Lutterworth Coaches and supported the Charity for many years, also helping with the organisation of trips after his retirement. His family gave us a memory box of photos etc.

Wilf Lee who served as a Trustee and Chair for a number of years died three weeks ago.

  1. Treasurers Report:  Sam Weller presented the report which showed a net income of £17,474 and a balance of £135,646 for the year.  We were grateful for a donation of £5,000 from the estate of a client.

Tony Taylor was thanked for his work on the accounts and was presented with a small gift as this was his last year of overseeing the figures.

  1. Report by the Board of Trustees:  Carol read the report and thanked all concerned for their work with the Charity.

Sue Smith related the favourable reports from clients about the shop and our activities.

  1. Reserves: The reserve amount was calculated at £57,000 to cover a 9 month period.
  2. Election of Trustees: The continuing Trustees are – Carol Scholes, Carole Harrington, Cathy McManus, Helen Potter, Inger Parsons, Anne Hicks, Allan Heggs, Sam Weller.

Roger Watmore has  stepped down as a Trustee.  We now have two vacancies.

Carol Scholes was elected as Chair, proposed by Anne Hicks and seconded by David Fuller.

Anne Hicks thanked Carol for all her hard work this year.

  1. Any other business: Cathy McManus stated that the new brochure is a big improvement and David Fuller commented on the number of new clients which we are attracting.

Lizzie Sowerby thanked all Trustees for their support given to staff.

The meeting closed at  12.35pm.

The full trustees report can viewed by clicking the button below:

2018 AGM Report