Beware! of scammers at Morrisons

Morrisons in Lutterworth
Morrisons in Lutterworth

We have been informed by the police that there is a scam going on outside Morrison’s. Women of a certain age are being targeted by someone telling them they have dropped £10. They are putting the money in the purse for them but taking their bank card. We are asking people to be cautious.


The Golden Rules

If you’re suspicious, ignore emails, put down the phone.

Scammers can be very persuasive, so it’s best not to get drawn into talking to them.

If you’re asked to send money, talk it through with a friend or relative.

Never give your pin number to anyone over the phone or email.

No one legitimate will ever ask for it….

Phone Disconnection

You get a call claiming to be from your phone provider, saying your account is in arrears and you need to pay now by card, ot you’ll be disconnected and it will cost you more to get reconnected.

If you’re with another provider the caller may well say that their company ownd the line, or you will have to pay a percentage to them for line rental.

If you protest they’ll offer to prove it by temporarily disconnecting you. The line will seem to go dead, until they call you back, but in fact they’ve simply used the mute button.

Pension Liberation

Watch out for companies claiming they can help you get the money from your pension before you are 55, you will lose over half in tax, and up to a third in fees to them.

They may also encourage you to put the cash into investment schemes that put your money at risk.

DO NOT TRUST any offer to get your pension cash before you are 55, there are no legal loopholes like they say. If you are thinking of taking a large cash sum from your pension, it’s sensible to get independent advice on what to do with it.