Party Afternoons

Several times each year we organise party afternoons which are now held at the Wycliffe rooms in Lutterworth, each occasion has a different menu, which is a two course meal with tea / coffee after.

Our Christmas parties are extra special with three courses plus mince pies, along with a treat from Santa! If you attend our of our Travelling Lunch Clubs, you’ll be automatically booked onto our Christmas Party.

During the afternoon professional entertainment is provided for your enjoyment, singers, comedian’s and groups have helped make the afternoon go with a bang. There is usually plenty of singing and dancing! Yes we get plenty up for a bop!!!

We do provide transport for those that cant get into the town, this does need to be booked via the office in advance.


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    • David

      posted by David Wednesday, 10 June 2015 12:05

      The different types of parties throughout the year are always excellent.