AGM 2016

The 2016 AGM was held on Monday 12th September at 2pm.

Minutes of the 2016 AGM

  • 1. Introduction: The meeting was opened by Carol Scholes – Chair of the Board of Trustees.
  • 2. Chair’s Welcome and Apologies: Carol welcomed everyone to the meeting. Apologies were received from Julie Crane, Sandra Orr, Janet Townsend, Kate and Michael Palmer, Sheila Taylor, Sheila Eggleton, Gill and Roger Watmore, Sam Weller and Cathy Mcmanus.
  • 3. Adoption of last year’s minutes: These were adopted having been proposed by David Fuller and seconded by Alison Anderton
  • 4. Report by the Board of Trustees: This report is attached for all to view. Carol thanked all concerned for their dedicated work for the charity.
    Sheila Jones thanked Alison and her staff and volunteers for their contribution.
    Sue Smith drew attention to how connections with other organisations has been expanded. Inger Parsons commented on the links with Community Transport.
    Ann Key congratulated all those involved in the care of a lady taken ill on a trip recently.
  • 5. Treasurers Report: Carol outlined the accounts and expressed her thanks to Tony Taylor for his work on them. A more detailed financial report is available in the downloadable file.
  • 6. Annual Accounts: The balance of income has increased from £82,609 to £106,382 over the last financial year.
  • 7. Election of Trustees: The continuing Trustees are: Carol Scholes, Carole Harrington, Cathy Mcmanus, Helen Potter, Roger Watmore and Sam Weller.
    Mrs Inger Parsons was elected as a Trustee, proposed by Alison Anderton and seconded by Sheila Knight. Two vacancies remain.
  • 8. Election of Chair: Carol Scholes was re-elected as Chair, proposed by June Noyes and seconded by Anne Hicks.
  • 9. Any Other Business: Tony Taylor requested details of the kitchen refurbishment which has taken place. Peter Knight commented on the improvements made to the premises. He asked if thought had been given to the changes to the town and this was discussed.

The meeting closed at 2.40pm.


The report for the 2016 AGM can be downloaded below:

2016 AGM Report